Why You Shouldn’t Perform DIY Heat Pump Repairs

When a heat pump develops an issue, some homeowners in Raceland, LA, choose to repair it themselves rather than using professional service technicians. Let’s discuss some dangers associated with DIY heat pump repairs so you can avoid further problems.

You Can Damage Your Heat Pump

If it’s your first time repairing your heat pump, there’s a high likelihood that you may not understand the layout of its parts. You may also lack the right tools and equipment to repair certain problems.

When you don’t understand the layout of your heat pump’s components, you can easily damage some parts while fixing others. Also, using the wrong equipment can cause additional damage to your heat pump.

You Can Harm Yourself or Your Family

Although a heat pump is one of the safest HVAC systems available, some components can cause harm if you mishandle them. These parts include refrigerant and frayed wiring, making it necessary to contact a professional.

If you, your family or your pets come in contact with spilled refrigerant, it’s poisonous and can cause health issues. You can also get electrocuted by touching frayed wiring.

You’ll Void Your Heat Pump’s Warranty

When you purchase your heat pump from a reputable HVAC contractor, the company will issue a warranty. Through the warranty, the contractor commits to repair your system without charging you for a certain period. They can even install a new system for you within the warranty period if the one you bought from them has irreparable damage.

To honor this commitment, the contractor requires you to refrain from DIY repairs or engaging unlicensed service technicians. If you engage in DIY heat pump repairs, the warranty becomes void. As a result, you’ll have to pay for any repair or replacement costs that arise for the remaining time you own this system.

Instead of potentially facing any of these risks, allow professionals to fix your heat pump. Our clients know us for our reliability, expertise and professionalism. You can call the experts at Nick’s Refrigeration, Inc. when you need heat pump repair services in Raceland, LA.

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