5 Ways to Boost Airflow and Comfort Efficiently in Galliano, LA

The airflow in your home directly impacts your indoor air quality. Poor airflow causes your IAQ to worsen, which can leave you struggling with cold and flu symptoms year-round and lead to breathing problems. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to boost your home’s airflow and comfort in Galliano, LA.

Create a Cross Breeze

If it’s possible, open the windows on opposite sides of your home or each room to create a cross breeze. This pushes stale air outside and brings in fresh air. You can also boost airflow when you open windows and use a fan to create a fresh breeze.

Remove Obstacles From Vents

It’s easy to find yourself blocking some registers and vents to accommodate furniture and other items. To improve your indoor air quality and airflow, move all of those obstacles. Make sure that there aren’t any boxes, furniture or other objects covering vents so that the air can flow freely.

Add IAQ Products

An air purifier can help with airflow and your overall comfort by removing pollutants and particles from the air. You might also consider a dehumidifier that pulls out moisture to reduce humidity in your home. Look for products that include HEPA filters.

Practice HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance helps you identify the issues that cause poor airflow, such as a dirty filter. You’ll want to have the professionals check your system at least twice a year, but you might also benefit from inspections at the beginning of each season.

Use More Fans

An attic fan is a good choice for pushing stagnant and foul air outside, which helps with your comfort. Now is also a good time to check the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom. They remove humidity and stale air along with bad odors to improve your comfort and airflow.

Making your home more comfortable is easy when you choose the right products, practice regular maintenance and keep your vents clear. Schedule routine maintenance with Nick’s Refrigeration, Inc. Contact us today to learn about our ductwork cleaning and other HVAC maintenance services.

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