3 Reasons Your Heat Pump Runs Constantly in Vacherie, LA

With their extraordinary efficiency, heat pumps can be a boon to residents in Vacherie, LA. Nevertheless, these systems can sometimes malfunction, such as never turning off. Here are some major reasons your heat pump might run constantly:

Insufficient Refrigerant

Though heat pumps have the power to cool and heat your home, they function like air conditioners. Specifically, heat pumps pull heat from the air in one area, causing refrigerant to evaporate.

Then they bring that refrigerant to a compressor, which pressurizes it and raises its temperature. Finally, the refrigerant condenses and releases its heat.

Where the refrigerant takes heat from and where it deposits it will vary depending on whether the system is in heating or cooling mode. Either way, though, without enough refrigerant, it’ll struggle to carry out its core function.

After a refrigerant leak, your system will need to work harder to keep your home cool – so hard that it may never turn off. Trained HVAC service technicians can replace any refrigerant that your heat pump loses when they perform maintenance.

Dirty Filters

Without clean air filters, you cannot be confident that air will flow smoothly through your heat pump and into your home. Since your heat pump needs to be able to push cool air into your home to bring down temperatures, dirty air filters may keep that from happening. That, in turn, might mean that your system will work constantly to bring the air to your desired temperature.

Reversing Valve Problems

The reversing valve enables your heat pump to switch between heating and cooling modes. However, it’s possible for the valve to malfunction and get stuck in heating mode. If that happens, the system won’t cool your home, which may cause it to inadvertently work continuously.

A heat pump that never stops running isn’t normal. If you notice it happening, call Nick’s Refrigeration, Inc. to reeive the best heat pump services near Vacherie, LA.

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