Is There an Efficient Cooling Solution for My Finished Garage?

Building a finished garage is a transformative endeavor that can add functionality and value to your Vacherie, LA, home. You have many things to consider, including the insulation, lighting and flooring options. Most importantly, you’ll need a way to cool it without extending your central air conditioner’s ductwork. Whether you turn your garage into a home office, gym or extra bedroom, a ductless air conditioning system is the perfect cooling solution.

Quick Installation

Ductless air conditioners are easy to install. A service technician will mount the indoor air handler on a wall in the finished garage, connecting it to the outdoor compressor via a small conduit. That’s all it takes. The simplicity of a ductless AC installation means that you can have your mini-split up and running in a few hours.

Cost-Effective Cooling

A ductless air conditioner is the best cooling solution for a finished garage because it doesn’t require ducts to deliver cold air. As a result, you avoid wasting energy and money via leaky ductwork. Additionally, you won’t need to pay for filter replacements. Ductless AC systems come with washable filters; you should clean your filter monthly.

Quiet Operation

You might consider installing a window air conditioner instead of a ductless AC system. Not only are window AC systems inefficient, but they’re also louder. Ductless air conditioners operate quietly, ensuring your finished garage remains a peaceful and comfortable space. Their sleek, compact design makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

Precise Climate Control

Modern ductless AC systems include advanced features and smart technology that allow you to have precise control over your finished garage’s climate. Many models offer remote control options, timers and programmable settings.

Are you almost done building your finished garage? Contact Nick’s Refrigeration, Inc. to take the final step and equip it with an energy-efficient cooling solution. We’ll ensure your ductless AC installation is a perfect match.

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