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About Us

We offer a variety of Trane products for complete
residential and commercial applications.

About Us

Today, Nick’s Refrigeration is a thriving second generation business. It has been run for over 30 years by two of Mr. Nick’s children, Nicky Edrington III and Phyllis Bruce. Together they are also grooming the third generation, gearing up to take the reigns.

Nicky’s son, Nick IV has returned home to Thibodaux after serving as a United States Marine for two tours in Iraq.

Shortly after graduating high school, Nick shipped off to Marine Corps Boot Camp. He served honorably for five years active duty from 2000-2005. During that time he met Mary, his wife, and served two tours in Iraq. Nick made his way up to the rank of sergeant before his five year enlistment was over. Nick and Mary moved back to Thibodaux in 2005 and before long he was back serving another year in the Marine Corps Reserves before completing his eight year contract.

Although he made many great friends and saw some amazing places, Nick always knew his place would be back in Thibodaux, following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps.

Both Nick and his wife, Mary, currently work at Nick’s  Refrigeration, continuing on the tradition of a family owned  and operated business.

Licenses and Certifications

Nick's Refrigeration is licensed and certified in the State of Louisiana.


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